PI2-MS-500 and PI2_MS-1000 PPB O2 Analyzers offer 0-500 PPB  or 0-1000 PPB low ranges, with 2.5 PPB LDL, measures O2 concentrations from 0 PPB to 1000 PPM utilizing the proprietary Pico-Ion oxygen sensor technology, recovers to low PPM levels in minutes. Features


  • an advanced Pico-Ion oxygen sensor technology
  • over 36 month operating life with no periodic maintenance
  • menu driven controls
  • integral 4-way Sample/Bypass valve
  • integral PID controlled heated system for enhanced accuracy
  • two user field selectable oxygen alarms
  • USB or RS232 data communication
  • integral data logger

<3% of reading or ±2.5 PPB (PI2-MS-500) <3% of reading or ±5 PPB (PI2-MS-1000)

Analysis Ranges:

0-500 PPB, 0-10, 0-100 and 0-1000 PPM

0-1000 PPB, 0-10, 0-100 and 0-1000 PPM

Application: Oxygen analysis in inert, helium, hydrogen, mixed gas streams  Area Classification: General purpose
Alarms: 2 adjustable form C relay contacts, “weak sensor” indicator; power failure Calibration: Certified span gas of O2 balance N2, 50-80% of intended range or one range above
Compensation:  Temperature compensated Connections: 1/4″ compression tube fittings
Controls: Menu driven range selection, calibration, alarm and system functions Data Acquisition: Selectable data point intervals
Display: Graphical LCD 5 x 2.75; resolution 1 PPB Enclosure: Painted aluminum 7.5” x 10.8” x 12.25” panel mount
Sample Flow: Recommended flow 1-2 SCFH Sample System: Wetted parts SS 316, sample/bypass valve, flow control & indicator
Pressure: Inlet – 5-30 psig, vent – atmosphere Signal Output: 4-20 mA, 0-1 VDC and 0-5 VDC
Range ID: DC Voltage representing each range Recovery Time: Recovery on N2 after exposure to Air for 10 seconds to <1 ppm in 45 minutes
Response Time: 90% of a step change < 30 seconds Linearity: > 0.995 over all ranges 
LDL: < 2.5 PPB (PI2-MS-500), < 5 PPB (PI2-MS-1000) Sensor Model: GPR-12-2000MS-2E, GPR-12-2000MS-2
Sensor Life: 36 months at 25ºC and 1 atm Temp Range: 5oC to 45oC
Warranty: 12 months analyzer, 12 months sensor Power: 100-240 VAC

  *At constant temperature and pressure





Way Sample/Bypass Valve